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Sunday, August 7, 2011


Well, have been slightly busy this summer, both on and off line. Meeting some new people.
This summer I got a job as a studio photographer. Which I found out I like to take pix and now get paid for it.
Then I was out walking around at the amazing trails this city has. But the heat and humidity stopped that :(
I have gotten out to the cinema this summer to see a few flicks. Saw Transformers 3. Loved it! Though didn't like a certain scene. (if you know me, you know which one) My only complaint was it in 3D? Coz I didn't notice it.
Saw Thor: better than expected.
Harry Potter 7: w0w! Great way to end the series. Love Ron Weasley and Snapes you the wizard.
Then Captain America: strange more I saw the trailers for this, the more I wish to see this. Strange coz I don't like Marvel and outside Bale's Bats don't like Superhero movies. Yet I did like this one and Evans was perfect as Steve Rogers. And as I stated afterwards can't go wrong with Nazis (I know off shot Nazis). Nazis are the best movie villians created by themselves.
I am trying to fins time to see Cowboys&Aliens. Heard good things about it.
I have been passing time watching Camelot, Falling Skies, Torchwood. And loved Game of Thrones.
I am now eagerly waiting for FanExpo (Canada's largest geek fest) to arrive at month's end. The only famous people I wish to met this year are Scout Dart and Jango from the 501st (I am such a geek). And other great friends from online :)
Also I have been making up some hats too and making some new designs.
But thinking that my high point I am really looking forward to is my one good online friend DBSW is on a road trip and is coming up here to Hoth to visit.
If you don't know him check him out on Twitter, his Tumbler, and on the podcast Boring Conversation Anyway (with the even more kandosii @flyguy)
Just like to thank everyone that has stopped by to read this. Hope you come back for a visit soon :)
And pleas leave a comment - even if it's a "Hai There!"