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Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Star Wars Means to Me

Certain events lately has drawn me to ask a question: What does Star Wars mean to me?

I grew up in a time before The Clone Wars, The Prequels and even the Special Editions. To me SW means something greater than good verses evil, that you are part of something greater than oneself, of something wonderful, and a part of a great community. Also no matter how flawed you are, you are important and matter. That you can contribute to the greater good (or evil).

Yet I have noticed on certain sites how people are reacting to SW.
I see TCW era fan has this intitled attitude towards SW. I see this in arguing over George Lucas’s vision of the story. About what is canon and what is EU. They argue with anyone not of their opinion. They tweet, post, and blog about how SW should be. In this I am very sad to see. They say they love SW but how can they truly say this? For they forget SW is not their story to tell. Only to enjoy the privilege of the ride.

Then there are The Prequels. These three films can divide the fandom, to haters and lovers. I have noticed die hard haters come back after seeing Episode I in 3D praising the film after hearing from them how horrid the film was and destroys the overall story of the originals.

The Special Editions have done the same. They have their haters and those that embraced them.

And then we can go back to the beginning to the fans that started it all. Some of them look only to the originals and only to them. To this group there is no EU. For until Zahn’s 1992 book Heir to the Empire this was all there was. To them there is no question for The Galaxy Far, Far Away. Don’t get me wrong they speculated yet never went hater when the story did not turn out they way they thought. For they have a love that transcends the fan that came after. They share this love in many different ways. They understand the privilege they have in sharing this wondrous adventure.

Understand SW was always a story of Anakin Skywalker and his children, Luke and Leia. I believe this is what is forgotten. GL had this vision of the greatest adventure. He wrote it and filmed it like an old movie serial plus he added a bit of myth and legend to it. He didn’t need to say a lot or go indepth. He let us the viewer fill in that with ourselves, to join the adventure. He gave us heroes that are flawed, baddies that were bad and some that can be redeemed, ships that didn’t work, and sometimes the baddies won. He made a story the viewer could be a part of. Who would not like to travel this Galaxy? And hang out with these characters? Some fans have taken that step to become these characters for charity.
Remember one time to be a SW fan was not cool. SW was for a while dead, a sleeping dragon waiting to be awaken. Books, comics, toys and games brought SW back to life. Then the release of The Special Editions came along, then The Prequels. A whole new generation came to love The Galaxy. Then came The Clone Wars. Which got many people thinking “what was GL up to?”

This is when, the ones I call nonfans came out. They say they love SW but always complain and nick-pick everything. I was on Twitter when haters ‘attacked’ Katie Lucas. It became so bad she had to delete her account. This shows how double-sized the Interweb is. The Interweb can bring fans together to share their love. Yet also brings out the Trolls. These people I don’t understand why they wish to ruin the enjoyment of others.
This is becoming a large problem on many SW sites and Facebook pages. So much so administrators and other fans are telling these trolls off and to leave their fan pages.

What a lot of people forget is GL has a vision and he is amazing enough to share this with us. We, fans, don’t own SW, GL does. And this can stop at any time he chooses.

I am very grateful for GL for sharing this wondrous adventure with me. To bring fond memories to my childhood. And through SW the wonderful people I have met and become friends with. For The Galaxy is populated with such diversity that is a varied as the fans are themselves.
For SW is a reflection of ourselves.

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Thought for your Day

Today I was visiting my local bookshop. When I was leaving I noticed a woman walking close behind to the doors. So I unconsciously held the door for her. Instead of saying "Thank you" she said "must be your good deed of the day" then continued on her way.
This perplexed me for I am constantly holding doors for others. I do this for  many reasons yet mainly is that I treat others the way I would like to be treated. I don't like coming up behind someone at the doors and have them let the door go and hit me :( Are these people in such a hurry or so immersed in to their smartphone to notice someone behind them?
It does not take any time to hold the door for someone. Yet in doing so will make their day. Especially if you smile and say a perky greeting (G'morning or G'day)
Why are we in such a hurry that a simple curtsey is forgotten? What happened to men holding doors for a woman?
So my challenged to everyone is to be mindful and hold a door open for someone else. You will be surprised how this little gesture can make someone else's day and  yours :)