"To die for one's people is a great sacrifice. To live for one's people is a greater sacrifice. I choose to live for my people. What do you choose?" Senator Chuchi of Pantora

Monday, January 23, 2012


   The subject of friendship has been on my mind a lot of late. I have been noticing certain trends that, has made me question things and people.
   For those that don’t really know me, I am an extremely shy person. It takes me an extremely long time to make friends. However, when last year a good friend gave me her old compy, I thought I could change this. I found an online world of people like me with similar interests. Slowly I warmed to some awesome people. And for the first time felt less insecure around new people. However, over time I started to notice some odd trends.
   The first is the busier one becomes the less other hear from them. Which I find an odd thing. You think in this day and age people could find it easy to send a simple “Hai” to friends. Or people use this as an excuse to stop talking another person. If you wish to stop talking either tell that person or just slowly fade to the background.
I do know that friendships change, grow, and at times die. But, don’t do silly things that burn bridges and hurt the other person. Whatever happens keep it between you and the other person. It is childish to involve other people especially when lies are involved.
This leads to another trend – people don’t always tell the truth. I know some people online (especially Twitter) RP characters. This is fine as long as at the core you are true to yourself. Nothing hurts more than to learn that a good online friend has told you nothing but lies and misrepresent themselves. This not only hurts the other person this can come back top haunt you.
   I am not saying tell every one every thing about you. I am saying don’t misrepresent who you are as a person, your values, and morals. If you, like me are private, just don’t say much personal information. Do protect yourself. Just don’t out right lie to people.
   The next trend I find is that with the geek world some girls will end up with having more guy than girls as friends. It is just the case of interests. With this guy do end up with girlfriends. Then these girls ( I will call them this no matter the age) then freak for their boyfriends have girls as friends. RELAX! Nothing is going on than two friends talking about like interests. For majority the gal pal is happy guy friend has found someone. Only thing I do see with this is that girlfriend always ends up telling boyfriend to get rid of gal pals. Which is so childish, and makes the girlfriend look insecure and pathetic.
   Another trend I have seen most is that a hand full of special caring people getting used in one way or another. These people are genuinely caring and supportive. They give this freely and ask nothing in return except maybe friendship. Yet too often people like this are needed at a certain time then when not needed just cast to the side. Most time without regards to their feelings.
   Must also have my personal say to online crushes. These I think are nothing more than a deeper feeling towards another person that someone feels a connection to, mostly a deep friendship. And, if someone online tells you this, don’t freak out and stop talking or contact. Realize this is something hard for them to tell you. Acknowledge it and respect that they find you a close friend.
   On a very personal note, I have recently found out who are my good friends are online. To them I thank you for your friendship.  Hope you realize how much I cherish each of you and home much your friendship has helped me to grow into a less shy person. :)
 Post Script: I wrote this over 4 months ago before I became deathly ill. Yet once I was on my road to recovery I have noticed that this is much truer now than when I originally wrote it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Beginning

I am truly am sorry for taking this long to get this back up and going.
I hope that I can get back into this blogging busy and bring you some interesting topics.
Please feel free to comment and let me know how I am doing or if I need to work on something.
I look forward to writing some interesting things :)
Oh right and suggestions are always welcome too ^_^