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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Marquis

"It was during the 18th century, a time of inquisition, when faith governed the land. A time when the souls of hell had escaped into this world to sin, murder and be free within the possession of the living...
"During this time a man began a holy crusade to hunt down the damned and reeturn them to hell. But as he wrestles with all he believes, the lines of good and evil begin to blur into a struggle between faith and sanity." Back of The Marquis: Danse Macabre Issue #1
Recently I took up the grand task of cleaning through my bookshelves. One book I found was my Guy Davis’s The Marquis: Danse Macabre.
Guy Davis is one of those rare artist/writers that have an unique style. This style works so well with the world of The Marquis.
You are first introduced to the character in The Marquis: Danse Macabre, a five issue story. In issue #1 you met Vol de Galle. He is an ex-Crusader, ex-Inquistator whom takes on TheMarquis to combat a new evil: demons.
Throughout the five issues you wonder if Vol de Galle is actually seeing demons or is his delusional. Davis is a true master at keeping you guessing this questioning. For me though you start not to care and just absorb yourself into this world.
Also with Danse Macabre is, Davis colours the first four issues in black and white, then in issue five he does it in black, white, and red.
After Danse Macabre Davis followed with the two part Hell’s Courtesan and the one shot A Sin of One. You think with sequels you loose the momentum of the original. However, with The Marquis you don’t. Davis tells his story in its parts and loose nothing with the overall story. He makes you want to follow the adventure of The Marquis. You begin to care for Vol de Galle and his mission.
The Marquis: Danse Macabre was first published in 2000, Hell’s Courtesan in 2002, then followed by A Sin of One in 2003 all published by Oni Press. A tradepaperback of Danse Macabre was published in 2001 (Oni Press). In this was the Les Preludes, a sneak peak he published years earlier with Caliber.
The Marquis then moved to Dark Horse were you can read Inferno: The Danse Macabre and Intermezzo (2007).
Next for The Marquis is the graphic novel: The Marquis and The Midwife.
The Marquis was always intended to have an end. Therefore Davis will publish two more graphic novels to finish off the story of Vol de Galle.
I do admit that The Marquis is not for everyone. However I recommend you check it out.