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Friday, April 20, 2012

Convention Part 2: Comics Review

Last Saturday, 14th of April I attended the Wizard World Toronto convention at the MTCC. This was my second year in attending this convention, and this year was no disappointment.
The details of my day can be found in my last post.
I am always looking for new independent comics to read. And this year I was not disappointed. There were so many great books to choose from and found myself hard to pick the ones to take home to read. However the following are the ones I did end up purchasing.
At the Borderline booth they were giving out free comic by the name of Fanboys vs Zombies. This fun book is by Sam Humphries and Jerry Gaylord, and is published by Boom! Studios. This is a what if zombies invade a comic convention. You are introduced to a fun bunch of convention friends the “wrecking crew for 4 lyfe”. What makes this story fun is that the main characters are modelled off the typical convention goer. Plus have we not all thought what would happen if zombies invaded our favourite comic con. Humphries pens a fun story with Gaylord’s art make this an enjoyable read. But … yes there is a but, you have to continue the story in issue #2.
The next book I picked up was Bunch of Ice’s Adventures of the Unlikely. In this issue #1 you are informed at the beginning that the three stories have slightly different art styles for they were trying out the different styles for the series. The issue is a collection of three you think random stories about photographer June. Yet you realize at the end of the first story that June does not follow the “normal” stories. Each of artist’s Anya Craig styles in the three stories complements the writers Owen Craig and Curtis Westman introduction to this interesting character and series.
Next I stopped by the Paradise Comic’s booth to meet up with Andrew Uys. We were tweeting earlier in the week about my looking for interesting indy books. Andrew told me he had a book that I should check out. It was UysFaber Inc’s Totem Sacred: Salt Road. You are immediately introduced to Margaret Wilson the story’s protagonist. With Jaclyn Armstrong’s words and the compelling art by Mathew Salomen, you are drawn into the world of mystery and intrigue of Salt Road. By the end I was wishing for issue #2.
Then when I was visiting my good friend and artist extraordinaire Sean Ward, he asked if I had all his comics. I told him that I was only missing the one and will have to get it next time. In which in true Sean Ward style made sure I did not leave without his Tomorrow Never Knows. This book is about the interest time of The Beatles. I must admit not a huge The Beatles fan yet with Sean’s proses and interesting art you are gripped in the story he is telling.  Thank you again for this most generous gift and will treasure it always J
I would like to thank all the great and amazing artists, that I met and talked with about their work. I am looking forward to the next issues for your series
I do admit that these books will not appeal to everyone yet I do recommend that you check them out for yourself.                                                                                                                                                                   
I did also pick up David Petersen’s Mouse Guard hardcovers: Legend of the Guard and Winter 1152. Thank you to Paradise Comics for a great deal on these books! I will do a review of these as soon as I can rangle them back from my mum ;)

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