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Monday, April 9, 2012

My First Blog Post

On Saturday 7th of April was the day I was born.
I laid in the bin at the Build-A-Bear store waiting for my forever friend. The day started with many visiting yet here I laid. I became to think that my crooked nose was a fault no one wanted in a friend. Then when I was giving up hope this person stood over the bin. With this happening many times I never dreamed this person would pick me up. Yet this time this person did. She looked me in my brown eyes and noticed my crooked nose. She said it was cute and gave me character. But like always she put me back in the bin. She walked away looking into the other bins. As I gave up hope of ever finding a home, she came back and picked me up. I hear the words I never thought possible. She said I had to come home. So she took me over to where the nice girl stuffed me, not too soft and not too hard. My person she gave me my heart and wished me to have many adventures. Then she looked around at all the outfits that I could wear. Then she said something about she could make me an outfit. I was feeling very special at this point. After this was the time to make up my birth certificate. Here is where my person named me, Phen'ik. For I am a fennec fox. Once this was done she went to the check out and the nice girl here placed me in my carrying box. I now had a forever friend.
After this she and her friend took me with them as they walked around the mall. I never saw this many people. We stopped in a music store, which I must say I like music. Then we went into a book store. w0w! I never thought a place like this existed! We looked around at all the different type of books. After a bit we had to leave, which I was a bit sad about. Once outside for my first time she placed me into the back of a car that looked like a giant orange turtle. Settled me into the back she said I was going on my first adventure. This was the adventure home! For my new home was a bit of a ways from the store. We drove until it got dark. Then when I thought we never would get home, here we arrived. As she took me out of my box I was in a room filled with books and other interesting things. My person she put on a pair of goggles and told me I looked adorable. Then she mentioned something about me having to come with the to the "Con" to find my very own pair. We watched a documentary on a monster living in a Loch in Scotland. I figured out I like this thing called telly. I then went to sleep wondering what a Con was and what was in-store.
My second day started with my person registering me . If I get lost and returned to any Build-A-Bear I will be returned home. Then my person mentioned that today was Easter and need to cook up dinner. So I watched as she cooked and baked. I am not sure of what it all was but smelled great. I watched a movie. Then ended my second day reading with my person. I learn too I love to read the books as much as looking at them.
Today was my third day and my person was sewing. I need to seriously figure out how to use these things called scissors!
 Now she is helping me to blog. Which is most interesting and hope others like my story.
I should also give a small bit of advice by saying that sometimes the flaws we see in ourselves is seen by others as not a flaw but as a character trait.

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