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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fun: What is it?

As children we play. In play we learn skills for our future. This is until we enter school. Slowly over the years from kindergarten to the final years of high school, the system teaches us to stop play and to work.
With the loss of play many people who are creative run into problems, and get labeled.
Now the past few weeks of our new term all we were learning was basically is play. Yes, Play!
We learned that play gives us new/different way to look at our professional problems/projects.
School need to bring back play to all grades. To teach play skills to use in problem solving, careers, and life. Creativity is the one thing that needs to be encourage within children.
For creativity is the root of all great ideas, whether coming from the arts or the sciences.
Most recently I have met some most incredibly talented people.
Where would we be without the Teslas, Einsteins or the daVincis or Renoirs, If we did not allow creativity;)

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