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Friday, February 4, 2011

How can you get to know a Person in only 140 characters at a Time

Have you wondered that spending a certain amount of time on such SM sites that you end up chatting with a small handful of people.
Then over the course of time you start to become friends.
It's amazing how much you can learn about people in 140 characters.
some people would say 140 characters? How can you say anything?
140 characters forces you to be creative and direct.

This has been the question many have asked. But is this not the same as when you met someone in Real Life. On line is a much different playing field. For some it's easier to get to know, or to 'talk' with people.
The problem I have heard many of people tell me, People lie on the internet. My thought on this is that whenever you first met someone there is a bit of bolstering, In that the person embellishes themselves. However, overtime, like in RL, you begin to get to know the person. This only works if the other person is true to you, and beings to trust. Take people for what they give you.
I personally have had some interesting conversations on Twitter. I have been asked how? Really don't know. Just that I make a comment to someone, who comments back and before you know it an hour could have past.
Basically, you have to know the topic discussed fairly well to be able to condense into such a short space. 
And you have to have a bit of fearlessness to make that initial comment. The more creative and on topic will get you noticed.
At the end of everything you meet some interesting people and share common interests.
Yet by an article I read recently, states that many of the friends we choose is determined by our DNA. So it's not chemistry  but biology of how we choose our friends.
Outside this, I know I have chosen my friends by our mutual interests.
I have noticed that out of many people I have chatted with on-line there are a handful I have become to talk with everyday and would call them friends. And these are the people that make my day;)

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