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Monday, October 11, 2010

Class Trip To Toronto

On Wed, 6.Oct my PR class took a small trip to Toronto. After getting up early for students and settled down at the back of the bus. We headed to Tdot. Didn't get much sleep. For some reason, either the bus or the driver, shifting the gears did not go smoothly.
Our first stop of the day was at Steam Whistle Brewery. Where we were introduced to the company by Sybil Taylor, Head of Communications. Then treated to the best tour ever by Shannon.
Next stop was RBC. We were treated to a wonderful, if not interesting, presentation on the Olympic Torch Rely,by the two Jackies and Chathan.
In both these presentations you felt the passion everyone has for their company and what they do. Realizing you too can find a job where you can enjoy going to work everyday.
Our last stop was CBC. First was an honoured moment in meeting with Mr. Peter Mansbridge. Very humble and generous person. He even had a story about not hired by one of our local radio stations.
Then it was time to head upstairs to The George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight studio. this is an experience I will not soon forget. Not because we watched the taping with comedian Jeremy Hotz. Which I must say was an amazing experience. The energy was infectious. You could not help yourself but be in that moment.
As Strombo did his Q&A, you realize a lot of luck came his way. A lesson everyone can incorporate. To take a leap of faith when a new opportunity presents itself. Even when you're not sure of yourself.
However, the experience that will stay with me took place after the taping and Q&A. some of us made our way over to chat with Strombo himself.
Spending that short time you realize he is just like he is on his show. He took his time with each and every one of us. making sure we got photos with him. And genuinely listened to what each of us said. He talked like an old high school friend that had not seen in awhile.
He truly was the most generous ans gracious person I have met.
What I took with me is that everyone that worked on his show seemed to genuinely enjoyed their jobs. You could feel it from everyone you met and saw. Watching interaction with his co-works this comes right from Strombo himself.
Strombo is full of energy and positive attitude that is infestious. Even days later I still fell that energy.
The whole day I hoped that when done school, I will be able to find a job that I will enjoy as much as everyone I met that day.

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