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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Twitter 101

Since our class on setting up and using Twitter I have had a few of my amazing classmates ask me to help them. So I thought i would write it down.
First a little background. I know the myth is now expelled. (sorry Luke)I have only being online since March and Twitter since April. I joined to follow the skiers. Yes I'm a ski nut! Twitter at this time was the oddest/confusing thing ever. Until I started snooping around. Took me about month. Which lead me into my current groups of friends. And how did I get to this point? Well continue reading. (Please)
First thing about Twitter is signing up. Do you use your real name or like me a screen name. I am a very shy person so I use a screen name. Also it's good to have a pic as your avatar. It took me til august to put an actual pic of me (well sort of). Don't laugh the hats are famous (somewhat) I do apologize for my bad art til then;)
After that you can start to follow people. First try someone you know: a friend/classmate, athlete, celeb, or another interest. Then look into who is following them. Some people tweet as RP - role player of famous character. I started tweeting random thoughts or what was going on. Also replied/retweeted to any of the people I followed when they said something of interest. Yet, as one person I follow states he will only respond to anything that is interesting. So be witty, and on point. Asking questions (intelligent/relevant) does at times get you a reply. Before long you could get into long tweet conversations with a very cool person.
But, always remember to be yourself. Being shy it's hard for me to talk to people. However, Twitter (and some of the people) has helped me to talk with people. And it has lead me to being more open, especially at school. Some of these great people have become friends on Facebook.
Word on followers: to follow them back. My answer is to check them out and if they interests you then do so. I find it also is good to thank those whom follow you.
Twitter is great tool to network with people. I have only used it for more social. Yet it is good for business as well. Well at lest what I have hear.
Social media is the way of the future. Hope this little insight has helped;)

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