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Monday, October 4, 2010

Why no story?

Today I looked through the Toronto Star to see the story on the Canadian Silver medal win yesterday at The World Equestrian Games. Yet after searching the sports section, nothing.
 There was the story on Workforce winning the l'Arc de Triomphe. This was an European horse winning a race in France. While at WEG this was the first major win for our Eventing team since 1978. And this was a young team as well. This is an amazing feat, for eventing is one of the toughest sports to do. It takes years to train and the competition is held over three days. Plus this is the first time the WEG is held outside of Europe. This year it's held in Lexington, Kentucky.
Now the Canadian Olympic Committee asks why they should give lots of funding to this sport. They don't give results. This with the teams poor record gives the sport no press coverage. This leads to no fans to this exciting sport. However, you would think that Canada winning a silver medal would at lest earn at lest a paragraph in the paper. No wonder eventers do this sport for the love.
With London 2012 coming up, our Equestrian teams will need all of Canada to support them. We do have one of the top show jumping riders and Olympic reigning champion living right here in Ontario. Eric Lamaze is top of his sport but he is not known to the average Canadian.
I hope that the equestrian sports will get the recognition it so deserves.  

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