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Friday, October 22, 2010


The other morning just before class I was showing my Hello Kitty/Boba Fett picture I had. When my classmate Logan asked what I had. So showed him and said my fave character. His answer was 'he is everyone's fave character'. This launched follow classmate Dante to voice that his fave character as Lando. We even got Kyle involved, too.
This got me thinking how random this conversation was that we could sit down for a few minutes to discuss Star Wars. Star Wars can start a conversation with anyone. Plus you can tell a lot about people by the characters they love. I have known a few times heated arguments have come about over certain situations that have been portrayed in the films.
Also this has shown that Star Wars is truly part of the culture. Everyone knows the music to the films. Plus who can forget the quotes: Use the force. May the Force Be with You. Luke, I'm your father. He's no good to me dead. Oh how about this one: Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.
I have found many a people on Twitter and Facebook into the Verse of Star Wars. Some have become good friends in our love of the Galaxy Far Away.
My most fave random SW moment came at the toy store when a father with his son got into playing with the talking Capt. Rex and Anakin figures. We come in all sizes;)

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