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Friday, October 29, 2010

What is PR?

We are learning all this in school. Yet, we do PR everyday. For everyone is their own brand, and every conservation we have is PR for ourselves, whether personal or business.
How we dress, act, and present ourselves is in away branding. For everyone has their own style ans personality. A message they like to share with everyone. In today's social media personal branding has become more to the front.
I have found out that I have branded myself, unknowingly. This started on Sunday in August. I made this silly R2 hat for FanExpo I was attending.That day I had my picture taken, the most I have ever had. I put a picture of me with Hat up on Twitter. I have had people recognize me because of it. Six hat(and counting) later they have a small following. Thankx for the support;)
So have I accidentally branded myself? Is it a good brand?
What makes a good brand is how it is managed. I am not into self promotion and do not like to talk about myself. So I have no clue about that. Yet can you over expose a personal style? done correctly I don't believe you can. However, our personal taste changes over time. These days at times very quickly. The faster life is the slower it goes. A classic style is always in vogue.
My great question to this is does online translate into real life and vice verse.
To my own answer is I hope it does. For I am normally shy and do not talk much. Twitter has built my confidence up.At lest with school I have become more engaging.
So thank you and you know who you are;)
With so many Twitter, Facebook, and blogs finding originality is easy. However to keeping yourself in this 'Verse' many be difficult for some. You have to become a stronger person to keep true to yourself. However, when you find yourself in a great group of people they make it easier to be yourself.
If your lost this Verse can help you find yourself. Yet you do have to have a sense of who you are.
So get out and surf, get engage, and find yourself;)

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