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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Facebook are friends you wish were strangers. Twitter are strangers you wish were friends.

This week while perusing the Twitterverse. I came across one tweet that was poking fun about social media. This was not tweeted by the person, it was told to them.
Strange as this is, it's not the first time I have heard this. I have friends that don't understand my fascination with my social media sites, especially Twitter.
I have already told everyone why I got onto Twitter. Yet I find myself spending time defending myself about it. Facebook has become not so much a boring place. Only because of my cool Tweeps/classmates have joined me.
I have noticed that many of my friends that don't get it, especially Twitter and some extent blogging, are over a certain age. And the most part not an outgoing social group. In the way they stay within their clique and don't meet many new people.
They don't understand that Twitter has become a strong influential networking place, for both business and socially. I have seen this with many of my classmates. Yet, when you try to inform them they don't believe you are telling them the truth. They parrot back back that why would they want to tell everyone what they are doing or where they are every five minutes of the day? When you go to explain that Twitter has evolved beyond this, they shut down and don't want to hear anymore.
The odd thing is that this does not happen just to my friends but to business executives. This whole new medium is a foreign land/language to many. However, it's an important one for it has the possibility of your message reaching out to a whole new audience.
It is good that we are being taught about it all in school.And that employers are realizing thatthey need employees with these skills.
However, I do think we need more time in class with more hands on with this subject. I have heard this from some of my fellow classmates that may not have had any contact with the mediums. Or need a bit more time with those that have, to be more comfortable with all this new Verse of the Interweb. This will lead to a stronger skill set in all of the class.
For without the actual hands on, dive feet first into social media like Twitter can a person truly understand it's impact on people and our lives?

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