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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Open House Fall 2010

Was up early again today, which is not unusual for me. However today was different as my PR class was to be volunteering at the school's Open House.
After getting to school and receiving our funky limited edition T-shirt. I was assigned to greet the visitors as the arrived. Oki dai that's right the shy person got to be greeter yet again. Someone is so determine that I am no longer shy around people.
As the first of many buses of high school student arrived I had no time to truly think about anything of my shyness. Yet I did have a fun time with my classmate Grace. She made the day go quickly, fun and not too panicky.
Also my high points of the day: seeing the little chipmunk in the garden
:being called a bouncer, if you know me you understand that I am a small person so not bounce like
: another awesome day to bond with my amazing classmates, talked with some classmates that I had not really chatted with before
But my most fave high point was the lunch. For almost the whole class sat down together to eat. It was like a large family gathering, the green T-shirts kind of had a cohesive look to us all.

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