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Saturday, November 20, 2010

May the Force Be With Katie

This week was Ant-Bullying Week.
The biggest story I heard was of Katie from Chicago. She is a first grader that got bullied for all things a water bottle. However not just any water bottle mind you but one that was Star Wars.
This of course went absolutely viral. Why? Because Star Wars fans are a community that cares.
See this story also resonated with many people, including me. For as geeks we have always been that slightly different person in school. We didn't dress, read, watch television/movies quite like our fellow classmates. I even today is teased for my love of the Universe far far away. Yet I have learned and accepted that this is who I am. That what others think of that, I do not mind. At lest it's a safe hobby/addiction.
However, I one thing I found out about this love of mine, is that I am not alone. I have found some of the most awesome people that also love it as much if not more than me. This is what Katie and her family has found out this week.
The other reason why this story had an effect on me was that I too am a fan grrl. Which did bring another set of teasing. Girls just should not like Star Wars. This has also lead to a small fact that I have more guy friends than girl friends. Just on the base that not many girls will admit to their love like I do or just out grew the love because of teasing.
And with the television show The Clone Wars there will be more fan grrls showing their love!
So this week and on every day for that matter we should embrace our differences and support that differences in others. Life and this world would be truly boring if we were all the same.
So support girls in their love of all things geek, especially Star Wars;)
Other great articles about this: Death Star PR and the Queen of fangrrl Bonnie Barton and TCW own Princess Ashley Eckstein
Also I read on a friend's blog (my bad can't remember where) That maybe we all should wear purple light sabers in support of Katie and anti-Bullying. I know I'm going to make up a pin for my support of this:)
Remember: The Force will be with you always!

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