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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Twitter 102

To expand on my post Twitter 101, today's post is about interacting on Twitter and Facebook. This was in-lieu of a question I was asked earlier this week. 'How do you interact with people?'
Well, you just do! At lest that's what I do. I make comments to what others say that I follow. I make it revant to the topic. I also ask questions.
Another thing you can so, is also comment on the person' blog. Should use your Twitter screen name and avatar picture. If on Facebook have the same profile picture as your Twitter avatar. This will let whom you are commenting get to know who you are.
The thing to remember is to follow people with the similar interests and comment on what you know. Even with the anonymity of the interweb, my advice is to be true to who you are.
I don't say go out and tell everything about yourself. Tweet and comment as you would in the real world. You do get a sense of people once you banter back and forth with them. I should know this well. I have gotten into some of the most interesting and best conversation with people.
When you make your own 'what's happening?' Do make it interesting. This will let people get a sense of you. They can also tell this by who you follow.
Another thing to remember when you do reply a comment or question don't except an instant tweet or comment back. Some of the people you follow have many followers and following many themselves. Plus have a busy real world life. So it will take time. This is were being interesting, creative and knowledgeable comes in.
I can speak from experience how this can be. However, if you are a great admirer of this person it can be  euphoric when you get that acknowledgment.
After sometime you will find that there are a few people that you tweet often with. This can lead to being friends.
This has happened with me. All are awesome people and glad to have gotten to know them. I treasure their continuing friendship.
So with perseverance and savvy you can make the best of both Twitter and Facebook. And met some awesome people.
Best of Luck.
Any questions feel free to ask (please)

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