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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Twitter Crushes?

This past week The Toronto Star ran a story "Tweet Hearts". Which lead me to thinking, yes most dangerous for me to do;) In today's social medial world where do you met new people?
Everyone is busy in today's world: school, work, other activities. So how do you fit in the time to met new people?
Facebook is a great place to re-connect with old friends. And at times to met new people. Facebook is more for people you have already met in the real world and to keep in contact with.
However the best place to met new people is on Twitter. It is a less formal and you can find like minded people. On Twitter you for go the usual preconceptions of how you meet people. There is some work in getting to know people. It takes time to work through all the feeds yet worth while when you find a core group of awesome people.
Through tweeting with people you do find that you do 'chat' with certain core group of people And at times these tweets can lead to more f a relationship. Yet you do have to remember there are still the unwritten rules of conversations. Plus you wish to always present yourself as how you are.Always the best policy to be yourself, be truthful and honest. Because everyone can read your feed! Including any future employers.
So go out have fun, met some new people and see where it leads you.

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